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Vintage Springbok Puzzles

In the 1960`s a couple began making some of the most famous puzzles. It was Katie Lewin who the president of the company. She was in charge of finding the great puzzle designs. When searching for images for their puzzles she often turned to nature and animals. When the couple started out they used the Gazelle as the logo then later switched to the common bullseye. By 1967 Hallmark had bought the company.
The springbok company has made unique puzzles since 1963.

You can find great Springbok circular puzzles that date back to 1963. After 1967 you can also find great classic Hallmark Springbok puzzles. If you are lucky enough to find a vintage Springbok jigsaw puzzle there are some traits you should look for. Springbok puzzles in 1964 and before will have no logo at all. And often have no copyright date.

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