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Vintage Puzzles

A puzzle is a game of sorts that you must piece together to create a shape or picture. The first puzzle was made in 1760. John Spilsbury made a map on wood. He then cut out the individual countries. His students were then to put the countries in their proper place. Thus the first jigsaw puzzle was made.

Jigsaw puzzles were made by taking wood that had been painted and cutting it into many smaller pieces. Of course now jigsaw puzzles are made on cardboard. The typical sizes of puzzles are 300, 500, 750, 1000 piece. A new take is the 3-d jigsaw puzzle. You build up and around.

A great collector`s item is a vintage puzzle. Many puzzle companies have been around for decades. You can find puzzles that date back to the early 1900`s. Milton Bradley began making puzzles in the 1800`s. Tuco began making great puzzles during the great depression. These Vintage puzzles are a snapshot of the times that they came from.

Found anywhere from the store on the corner to a yardsale, You can get a piece of history and art all in one puzzle. Handmade vintage marbles make a great addition for any collector. Find Vintage Springbok, Disney, Milton Bradley, Playskool and Tuco puzzles today.

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